How to Properly Plan A Party

Whether you are planning a birthday, graduation, retirement or any other function, planning is most important to ensure success.  You should try to lay out everything you want on a piece of paper before you do anything.  Create a checklist so that nothing is missed.  Here are a few things you should do in your planning process:

  • Start Early.  If you start early, then you have time to get things in order and make changes if necessary

  • Decide what kind of party you want.  Decide if you want something formal or informal; Buffet style or sit down.  These things will help you focus on choosing the right venue and managing your budget.

  • Create a budget.  If you don't control your costs, you will run into trouble.  Secure a place that you can afford. Spend money on the things you really need to make your party successful.

  • Secure the entertainment.  Find a good DJ.  The two things that make a good party are the food and the music.  

  • Manage your guest list.  You would like to invite everyone but you cannot.  Thus choose your guests wisely.

  • Don't forget to have a good time.  You want to have a good time.  The day will fly by so enjoy it.

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